2005 Regional Competitive Skater Assistance Fund


In October 2004, the North Atlantic FSC hosted the 2005 New England Regional Championships. Over 250 of the best skaters in New England competed to advance to Eastern Sectionals or the US Junior Nationals. Due to the tremendous support of the community and the large number of dedicated volunteers, the event was an overwhelming success!


NAFSC have taken the funds raised from the Regional Event to start the 2005 Regional Competitive Skater Assistance Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to reimburse our skaters for the cost of their Regional Application Fee and support our skaters who are participating in Sectionals, Junior Nationals and United States Nationals.† We need your support to ensure the continuation of the fund for years to come.


With a minimum donation of $5 to the fund, you will be able to honor a friend, colleague, or loved one and know you will support a young skaterís dream!


Thank you for your generous support on behalf of the NAFSC Board and the skaters!


       - Thank you to the 2012-13 Board of Directors - Alan Wolf

       - Thanks to Diane Huntley, Jen Glockler and Joe Greene for all of your hard work and dedication to the Club - Alan Wolf

       - In honor of Meaghan, Sarah and Haley's Graduation from High School - Alan Wolf


The North Atlantic FSC is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

Make checks payable to: 2005 Regional Fund, & mail to:† NAFSC, PO Box 6052, Falmouth, ME 04105

Please include name and address of the person(s) you wish the club to acknowledge.

The donor will receive a contribution letter for donations over $250.