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Alan Wolf


(207) 781-5053


Debra J. Coppinger

Basic Skills Director

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P.O. Box 6052, Falmouth, ME 04105-6052



Fili Monaghan

Membership Chair

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July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014


Dual Membership in US Figure Skating and NAFSC

The North Atlantic Figure Skating Club (NAFSC) is a permanent member club of US Figure Skating, the governing organization for the sport.  Accordingly, all NAFSC members must also be members of US Figure Skating.  To do this, each person who applies for home club membership in the NAFSC will also be applying for US Figure Skating membership. The US Figure Skating Membership Registration, performed by the NAFSC Membership Chair, is completed using the information on the NAFSC Registration form. The dues for all NAFSC Home Club members and coaches include the costs of US Figure Skating membership. Your US Figure Skating membership includes a subscription to US Figure Skating’s monthly magazine entitled “Skating”. 


As of July 1, 2009, Home club skaters and coaches are no longer required to purchase a copy of the current US Figure Skating Rulebook.  Members are responsible for being familiar with US Figure Skating rules.  Moreover, members should also be familiar with the NAFSC Rules of Ice Conduct.  The membership year for both US Figure Skating and NAFSC for the 2013-2014 skating season runs from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.


What is US Figure Skating?

Under federal law, at the national level, US Figure Skating is the governing body for amateur figure skating on ice in the United States.  It was formed in 1921 and had seven original members.  Today, US Figure Skating has hundreds of member clubs such as NAFSC and thousands of individual members located throughout the United States.  NAFSC was granted permanent member club status in US Figure Skating at US Figure Skating’s governing council meeting held during May 2000.  US Figure Skating is the principle organization in the United States that develops and prepares skaters for U.S. qualifying competitions.  Internationally, US Figure Skating is a member of the International Skating Union (ISU), which establishes rules and venues for international competitions such as the World Championships and the Olympics.


Why join NAFSC?

Your joint NAFSC/US Figure Skating membership allows you to take US Figure Skating proficiency tests as well as compete or participate in US Figure Skating qualifying competitions, open competitions and other US Figure Skating sanctioned events such as ice shows and exhibitions. The NAFSC’s home ice rink is Family Ice Center, 20 Hat Trick Drive, Falmouth, Maine 04105.  Family Ice Center opened in January 1999 and is unique in Maine in that besides operating on a year round basis, it also has two refrigerated surfaces: a 200’ by 85’ inside surface and a man-made kidney shaped outside pond which is open approximately from Thanksgiving to March, depending on weather and temperature conditions. As well as being refrigerated, the outside pond is also frequently resurfaced using the Zamboni.   In addition to operating club ice, NAFSC also operates a number of other programs including sponsoring test sessions, clinics, a summer program, a US Figure Skating Basic Skills Program, a Basic Skills competition (Snowflake Skate) and at least two exhibitions and one major ice show per year. Home Club members are eligible for ice show solo programs and to be recognized at qualifying competition send-off events. The NAFSC’s mission is to promote and provide figure skating instruction on a year round basis and to accomplish this mission NAFSC is ably assisted and supported by a highly experienced and competent staff of coaches and parent volunteers.




Home Club Membership (Application: view | save)

This applies to all NAFSC home club skaters, NAFSC staff coaches and Patrons.  All home club members who are 18 years of age or older may vote at regular and special NAFSC general membership meetings, and may hold NAFSC offices, including the NAFSC board of directors (president, 1st vice president. 2nd vice president, secretary, treasurer, membership chair, test chair and four members at large).  Additional home club family members include other skaters in the household and the parent(s) of any skating member under 18 years of age. NAFSC requires that if a skater is under 18 years of age, at least one parent or legal guardian must also join. Home club members represent NAFSC at all qualifying and open competitions.


2013-2014 Dues:                  First Family Skater Member                                            $190

                                           Additional Family Skater Members                                  $50

                                           Additional Family Non-Skater Members                          $30

                                           Individual Home Club Non-Skater                                   $50

                                           Patron                                                                           $50


Associate Membership (Application: view | save)

This applies to members who have designated a club other than NAFSC as their home club.  These members represent a club other than NAFSC at qualifying and open competitions.  Associate members cannot vote or hold office in NAFSC and are not eligible to represent NAFSC at US Figure Skating’s annual governing council meeting. Associate members may pre-register for club ice, pay discounted rates for ice and are generally eligible to participate in NAFSC exhibitions and shows in a limited capacity.


2013-2014 Dues:                     Associate Members                                                        $100


Junior Membership

This applies to those skaters who meet all NAFSC’s requirements for being on the ice, but have not yet taken a pre-preliminary freestyle test.  The requirements are that skaters must be six years old and have passed the Basic Skills Test IV (U.S. Figure Skating) or equivalent Gamma Test (ISI) in order to skate independently on club ice.  Skaters less than six years old who have not passed the Gamma or Basic Skills Test IV may be on club ice only when on lesson with a coach or when accompanied by a proficient adult skater. Membership in this category is limited to one year only and is intended to provide a transition period for skaters who want to become members of NAFSC.  It is meant to be an introductory membership.  Junior members may register for club ice and are eligible to participate in NAFSC shows and exhibitions as well as compete in US Figure Skating sanctioned competitions.  At least one parent, or legal guardian, is also required to join NAFSC.  Parents of junior members are not eligible to hold office in NAFSC, or vote at NAFSC meetings.


2013-2014 Dues:                    First Junior Skater Member                                                $90

                                            Additional Family Junior Skater Members                            $50

                                            Additional Family Junior Non-Skater Members                    $30


Collegiate Membership (Application: view | save)


This category was new in 2009 and a special incentive for college students.  Students attending any college may opt for a four year NAFSC membership package at a considerable discount.   US Figure Skating is sponsoring this new member category.  Membership in this category carries the same privileges as a full member, including a subscription to SKATING magazine, and all testing and competition rights.


Students may sign up any time during their college attendance and will receive a membership package good for a four year consecutive period.  This option is available one time to a skater.  There is no age requirement, but documentation of college attendance in a matriculated program is required at the time of application, and includes graduate students.  Documentation may include a copy of college transcripts, a copy of a semester bill and payment documentation for the current or upcoming semester.


Complete the one time application along with the annual membership form, indicate the collegiate membership category, and submit required documentation with your membership fee.


2013-2017 Dues:                       Collegiate Member (4 years)                              $120                


NAFSC Coaches (Application: view | save)

NAFSC coaches may either be home club or associate members.  There are 2 categories of NAFSC coach:

a) Staff Coach – expect/intend to use at least 200 hours of club ice for private lessons per year; or

b) Part-Time Coach – expect/intend to use at least 50 hours of club ice for private lessons per year (for seasonal coaches, new club coaches, or low-activity coaches).


For both a) and b), proof of insurance is required and an annual contract must be signed. Additionally, they must be approved by the board prior to coaching or using club ice. The hours of ice usage are tracked and the category may be adjusted at renewal. Staff Coaches are included in club promotional materials.

NAFSC home club coaches may vote at regular and special NAFSC general membership meetings, and may hold NAFSC offices.


Additionally, there is one category of coach that does not require membership with NAFSC:

c) Guest Coach – visiting coaches, or very low activity coaches who do not expect/intend to meet 50 hours.

For these, proof of insurance and a $12 per day Guest Coach Fee are required before using the ice.


2013-2014 Dues:                    Home Club Coach                                                                 $110

                                             Associate Coach                                                                   $110

                                             Additional Home Club Family Skater                                      $50

                                             Additional Home Club Family Non-Skater                              $30

                                             (See Associates for additional Associate Coach Family Skater dues)



A Patron member is a non-skating member who wishes to help support the NAFSC. These members are not entitled to club ice privileges and may not vote nor hold office. A Patron member may participate in club functions and receive all club information.


US Figure Skating Rulebooks:

US Figure Skating rulebooks (paper or CD) may be purchased directly from US Figure Skating at (member services/forms/merchandise)



Members are requested to register and pay their dues in a timely manner. Unpaid dues will result in suspension from all club privileges and ineligibility to participate in tests, competitions, etc. that require members to be “in good standing”.


Membership dues in NASFC are designed to pay a portion of the administrative and operating expenses of NAFSC such as rent, office supplies, telephone and postal expenses. It is anticipated however that revenues generated from dues will not completely pay for all such expenses, therefore members should expect that the club will request their participation in future fund-raising to help meet club expenses.


Please review the Code of Conduct sheet. This must be signed and returned with the Membership Form and payment before the application can be processed.
Code of Conduct (view | save)


Coaches must sign and return the included contract.


The skating year begins on July 1st. Since insurance coverage is included in the US Figure Skating membership fee which is part of the quoted dues above, full payment of appropriate membership dues is required before using club ice after that date.


Change of Home Club or Associate Membership

If you are already a Home Club member of another US Figure Skating member club, such as the Skating Club of Boston or the Colonial Figure Skating Club, and want to change to become a NAFSC Home Club member, or are interested in Associate membership while retaining your present home club, please contact Fili Monaghan, the NAFSC Membership Chair directly by emailing NAFSC at


A skater may join several US Figure Skating clubs in order to accommodate individual needs, schedules and purposes.  However, only one US Figure Skating member club may be designated as a skater’s Home Club and it is this home club which is represented by the skater at all competitions, including Qualifying Competitions (New England Regional Championships, Eastern Sectional Championships, U.S. National or Junior National Championships), and Open Competitions (i.e., the Boston Open, Cranberry Open, etc.). Note that Associate members/coaches must apply for US Figure Skating membership through their respective home clubs.